Skeleton Run by John L. DeBoer

Review: Skeleton Run by John L. DeBoer

Twenty years ago, four teenage boys left a baby behind in a crushed car after they caused the tragic accident that took the mother’s life. Ever since, they’ve guarded the secret that would’ve ruined their lives and destroyed their future careers. But when one of them succumbs to illness, a blackmailer makes contact, and the survivors realize that, somehow, someone else knows. Now, everything that matters to them is at stake.

Las Vegas billionaire Wendell Logan is pursuing the role of political kingmaker, and he’s selected his unsuspecting king: Alan Granger, governor of Pennsylvania. Granger confesses his closet skeleton to Logan, but the tycoon has invested too much time and money into Granger’s future presidential campaign to let him and his old friends endanger Logan’s power play.

It’s time to run.

Within by Keith Deininger

Review: Within by Keith Deininger

Within by Keith Deininger had a promising synopsis, but unfortunately it fell a little flat for me. I did like the story, it was definitely eerie, and also quite morbid. However, I felt that it was lacking some plot. Sure, there was a plot, all stories need one – but I felt that it wasn’t solidified enough, and the conflict the protagonists faced wasn’t truly apparent until some ways into the story.

High Country Nocturne by Jon Talton - A David Mapstone Mystery

Review: High Country Nocturne by Jon Talton (A David Mapstone Mystery)

The summer months are now here, and along with that comes a slew of many book publications. If you’re a fan of mystery, High Country Nocturne is one you don’t want to miss out on. This novel has it all: jewel thiefs, mobsters, a hitwoman, corrupt cops, the FBI, you name it. Add in the Arizona setting and there’s a lot of ground that David Mapstone has to cover in order to solve this mystery.